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About Us

LLC "Malakhit" is a new company in the market that specializes in the development of environmentally friendly technologies for the industrial production of nanopowders of metal oxides and equipment for their production, without the use of harmful chemicals that are harmful to human health and the environment and requiring disposal.

We have succeeded in producing spherical nanopowder γ-Al2O3 with a purity of >99.9%, which we want to present to our future customers.

At the final stage - the ecological technology of industrial production of nanopowder a-Al2O3.

In the process - ecological technologies for obtaining nanopowders of metal oxides such as Fe2O3, ZrO2.


Ecological technology of industrial production of spherical nanoparticles γ-Al2O3.

We have developed a technology for the industrial production of spherical nanopowder γ-Al2O3, by reaction in the gas phase.

In terms of productivity, it is not inferior to mechanical dispersing and surpasses the known chemical and physicochemical methods.

The essence of the technology is in that the gas suspension of the metal powder (or mechanical mixture of metals) is burnt in the oxidizing environment for which purpose a self-supporting laminar two-phase torch is formed. The combustion products (oxides) that condense outside of the zone of burning have predominantly bimodal distribution of particles by size, i.e. consist of two fractions one of which has a maximum of distribution in the area of sizes much exceeding 1 mm, another in the area of 1-100 nm. Therefore, the gas suspension of the combustion products is forcedly passed through specially designed equipment that repels the coarse fraction, and the finely divided fraction settles on special filters.


Innovation of technology.

1. Possibility of controlling the dispersed composition and physical properties of the powders obtained by changing the combustion regime and the external action (for example, electric and magnetic fields) on the condensation zone of the combustion products.

2. The possibility of obtaining oxides of high chemical purity as a result of self-cleaning products in the combustion zone.

3. Extremely low energy intensity due to the self-sustaining combustion regime, which does not require external energy sources.

4. High ecological purity due to the absence of by-products that require disposal.

5. Possibility of obtaining powders with specified parameters (technical specification, product parameters).

6. Mobility.

7. Small production area.

8. Modular production system.

  8.1 The production module is a station for cleaning the ambient air with a capacity of 90m3 / min or 5400 m3/hr.

9. This technology has the ability to further improve and modernize.

 Technology and equipment - the commercial secret of the enterprise LLC "Malachite".

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